Do you have an idea? And now what?

DATE:  Saturday, 12 May  12.00-17.00

Herzbergstr 55, 10365 Berlin

Entrance A  Studio 1.04 



About the workshop

This workshop addresses first step filmmakers who already have an idea for a film project and want to develop it into a film. The workshop will host an intimate group of 6-8 filmmakers who will have the opportunity to apply what they learn on their own project immediately. During this session filmmakers will learn how to develop their idea into a script, how to pitch their project to producers, commissioning editors and festivals and how to access funding sources and sponsorships. At the same time, the participants will learn tips on writing proposal treatments and loglines, estimating budgets, and prepare a complete production file, which will eventually lead them to the production of their film. Shortly after the workshop the participants will receive a written evaluation on their own project, with individually applied comments and tips.


50 Euros ( Get to know us price!)


Please send us an email or a F.B message with the subject line "Film development workshop for indie filmmakers" and we'll get back to you with all the details and further information!

PLEASE NOTE:  Our workshops host up to 8 participants.


About the tutor 

Marsia Tzivara, is an awarded writer-director and producer from Greece, based in Berlin for the past seven years. She is actively into film-making and media activism for more than fifteen years, and her work has been presented worldwide.  She studied media and film in England where she made her first steps as a filmmaker, and then spent a decade in Greece, where she got involved in numerous films and TV series with national and international success. When she moved to Berlin, she got deeper into creative producing, mostly to produce her own films.  

After producing her debut feature documentary ‘Burning from the inside’ which made an impact worldwide and whose research influenced Greek and German politics on an international level, she decided to commit herself to discovering unknown stories from all over the world, and to support other directors to bring their visions into life.  She produces both fiction and documentaries, and she is intrigued by projects which combine important stories with non-mainstream perspectives.  

She has been invited as jury at ‘Hellas Filmbox Berlin’ 2016 (at the New Vision’ section) and at the ‘European broadcasting awards’ 2017 for the Best TV documentary award, and she is one of the 10 selected

German producers who have been invited  to the Arab-German co-production film price, to discuss the possibility of co productions with Arab filmmakers and claim the 60.000 euros price. 

Apart from making films, Marsiaoffers creative consultancy on fiction and documentaries as well as individual coaching to actors and young professionals. She has presented seminars, workshops and discussions across Germany and Greece, and she conducts in-house classes at Film Arche in Berlin. 

At the moment, she is about to release her Fantasy film 'Dania', while produces  the new film of the Palestinian director Nahed Awwad, 'Orthodox Intifada'. 

During the upcoming Student film festival in Berlin, she presents masterclasses on feminist film studies and on Independent film production.

Check out her website:

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